Friday, April 17, 2015

Using basic Human Nature to be a successful affiliate marketer.

As a rule human beings are curious, inquisitive and to be honest, downright nosy, basically we want to know the who, what, why, when and how of most if not all situations. Why this happens, why that doesn't, who did it, when and so on.

When it comes to online marketing, any business for that matter, this natural curiosity is multiplied exponentially. Most people have been asking questions since they first learned how to talk to others, it is just a natural and basic fact of our human existence. The most successful individuals and corporations of the world realize and recognize this fact and use it to grow rich, some even to grow rich beyond belief.

As a rule also human beings, once they become aware of themselves as individuals, want and thrive to become better at, well almost anything they find themselves doing or interested in, that is another given, human beings in general are competitive and self involved. It may not sound very complimentary but it is the basic ingredients of growth and prosperity. Unfortunately there are roadblocks and stop gaps in the road to growth. This article will show you how to use all of the before mentioned human characteristics, including the road blocks and stop gaps to gain wealth and success by capitalizing on the basic human nature in ...well, all of us.

Advertising firms charge exorbitant amounts of money to insert human nature friendly tactics and marketing plans into a clients Advertisements. This works so well that most successful corporations, businesses and individuals use their services and sing their praises, the price is undeniably worth it. Make no mistake, what they do can and is done by individuals daily for 1/1000th of the cost, you just have to know how. Once you know the secret, and it isn't really even a secret, just a way of thinking, a slight shifting of perspective and thinking. To a natural human nature analyst, thinking outside of the box goes without saying. But the fact that the advertising firms thinking outside the box hits so soundly in the box that consumers use is food for thought and doesn't quite match up with conventional thinking, thus insuring their prosperity and longlivedness (I made that word up but its perfect) basically no one will think along the lines needed to come to the conclusions needed to do it themselves, so they have in effect cornered the market.

The how and why of these tactics are very easy to learn because you already know them instinctively. The hard part comes after you “uncover” them and unlearn the way of thinking that life has led you to use up until this point in your life. Once you understand the basics of human nature Advertising and marketing online become considerably easier. The basics of advertising have and will always be...


1.      Research what people want.
2.      Research what people need.
3.      Find or invent solutions to the needs
4.      Find or research providers for their wants.
5.      Needs have more priority than wants. It is easier to sell a person a thing they need. (medicine, refinancing, insurance, self Improvement items, weight loss etc, the last three fall into both categories.)

That's about the whole advertising thing in a nut shell and should allow you to advertise and market your goods and services, even yourself better online and in the brick and mortar world of business.

I have had phenomenal success using this method and expect more in the future because after all is
said and done we are still the same basic human beings we have always been. And as a starting point to get you on your way as a successful online marketer or affiliate marketer here are two of my more successful affiliate programs that have made me a fair amount of money over the last few years using the “human nature” techniques and philosophies outlined in this article.

This concludes my article and I hope that this readers digest condensed version of “Using basic Human Nature to be a successful online marketer.” And good luck and remember the more you use the philosophy's in this article the easier they become.

D. Harris (I hate Internet Marketing Gurus Blog)

Monday, March 23, 2015

5 easily executed tips for new online affiliate marketers

It may sound to the newcomer like it's too good to be true, but you really can make money by selling other people's products. There are a lot of positive advantages to selling other people's products. The first one is that you don't have to create your own. You don't have to set up a way to get the product to the customers. You don't need to acquire a merchant account or pay the fees. The owner of the products does all these things for you. All you do is promote the product and make money online.

The way to get started with affiliate marketing, is to sign up on someone's site for their affiliate program. There are hundreds of thousands of them out there. It's a way for you to begin promoting other people's products for a commission on your sales. The site will generate a unique ID that identifies you as the originator of the advertisement that the customer buys from, and then you get the commission from that sale. All you do is promote your product and your affiliate link.

Here are five tips to help you make money online with affiliate marketing:

(1). Find a good product or service to sell. This should be a good product, and you should have some firsthand knowledge about it. It should have a professional 'air' about it, and be presented in a professional way on a quality professional web site. My secret in the early years was promoting only the things that I wished I could afford at the time, research is your friend. Research the product like you only get one chance and you want to make the best possible choice. Put yourself in the consumer seat even though you are actually the seller.

(2). After you settle on your product or service, then sign up for the affiliate program and get your affiliate links. Create yourself a web site (many programs will provide you with your own site that's ready to go), and start promoting. If you create your own site, get a good domain name and good hosting for it. I suggest this route unless you are going with Craigslist or some other heavily trafficked place. I usually come up with a killer Tagline also, something nice and attention grabbing. I buy a great picture and put the tagline on it and promote, promote, promote the site and the tagline image.

Domain names can be had for around $8 a year now. And your hosting cost can be as low as $8 as well. Some are higher, some are discounted lower, but the $8 range is an average figure. So you can see it doesn't involve a whole lot of money for you to get started. Once you get started creating your site, make sure you add some great content related to your product. There's more to getting 'buying' customers than just posting your affiliate links. You need to hold the customer's interest, and give them good information that will persuade them to purchase your product. As for content, starting out I would hire people $5 ez to write content and then I would go over it and paraphrase some and create some to make sure my article was different and more personalized and honest than any other person they may have sold the piece to. That worked until I became good enough at copy to make my own. 

Pro Note: The big secret on writing is to write what you would want to read about what you were thinking about buying.

 (4). Optimize your site for the search engines. This is known as 'SEO' optimization. It's a process that involves modifying your page content with meta-tags and meta-information to improve your rankings on the search engines. Search engines are the main ways that people access sites on the internet. So if you can stay high in the page rankings for your product, you'll have more success with your sales. Here is a decent and cheap suite of tools that actually indirectly teach as you watch them automatically do what needs doing. SEO ELITE

(5). Article writing is another thing that shouldn't be overlooked. If you can write some good articles to promote your product, then you have a powerful and effective weapon at your disposal. This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. A site without traffic is a store without customers, and doomed to fail. Write interesting articles related to your product, that will entertain and inform your readers. Submit these articles to the many directories and forums that deal with your subject.

So as you can see, creating your own products to make money online isn't necessary. There are plenty of products and services to promote if you can get good at affiliate marketing. It takes time, and it takes dedication, but you can do it if you'll stay the course and learn the ropes.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

How to start internet marketing without making Noob mistakes

There are many Noob mistakes you can make easily once you begin your career in affiliate marketing. Advertising is not as simple as it may seem. Many new marketers fall into the same old traps and make the same mistakes. These mistakes cause them to end up spending more on advertising than they're taking in on sales or have to invest to begin with.

On the other hand, if you're good at affiliate marketing, then you have a very powerful skill that can land you a very lucrative income online. And there's no shortage of products and services, so you'll always have work in the affiliate marketing business. The programs are free to join, they pay you a commission, and you'll always be in demand.

One of the top mistakes many newcomers to affiliate marketing make is choosing the wrong affiliate program. You want to be able to see a return on your efforts as soon as possible, so it's easy to jump on the first product that looks promising. It's not always the best idea to grab whatever's 'hot'. It should be something that 'YOU' believe in yourself. If it doesn't interest you, then you won't give it the attention and effort needed to run a successful campaign. Because it really is a lot of work.

So find a product that you would use yourself. Then find out all you can about it, do some research to figure out if it's in demand, and then if you can passionately promote it, you're on the right path. You should have a certain amount of passion for the product or service you choose.

The second mistake that many newcomers make, is to join more than one affiliate marketing program at a time. This is a bad move, especially for newcomers. For the experienced, it can be lucrative, but they already know their way around. Get good at making money with one program at a time before you take on the task of more and end up stretching yourself too thin.

When you spread yourself too thin, the programs you're involved with will suffer. It's better to stay focused on one specific program that will pay you at least 40% or above in commissions, and work the fire out of it. Give it your absolute best, and you'll get the best back from it. Once you've become comfortable with affiliate marketing, and you feel you can handle more, then try to do two. Then later on if you can do three, go for it. But don't take on too much at first try.

Affiliate marketing and advertising is a slow process. You won't sign up one day, and begin raking in the cash the next. It will take time and dedication. One thing about affiliate marketing is this - if you're good at it, there doesn't seem to be any end of demand in site. You'll always have a trade that can bring you a nice income.

Believing in your product is a vital part of your campaign. This will come across in your advertising efforts. If possible, try out whatever you're promoting for yourself. This way, you have firsthand knowledge about the benefits of the product or service, and you can use that in your advertising. Remember, customers who buy will remember what they were told about the product, and who told them. Building trust is going to be the grease on the wheels of your affiliate marketing career. If they trust you, they'll buy from you. If not, you'll fail.

Take time to do your research and map out a good advertising and marketing plan. Be sure to track and monitor your progress. Learn to maximize things that are working, where these people are, and how to more effectively run you campaign. You won't nail it all at once. It's like a puzzle. You put all the pieces on the table, then see where they work best. But it can be both fun and financially rewarding, if you have what it takes to stick with it, grow, and learn the ropes.