Friday, April 17, 2015

Using basic Human Nature to be a successful affiliate marketer.

As a rule human beings are curious, inquisitive and to be honest, downright nosy, basically we want to know the who, what, why, when and how of most if not all situations. Why this happens, why that doesn't, who did it, when and so on.

When it comes to online marketing, any business for that matter, this natural curiosity is multiplied exponentially. Most people have been asking questions since they first learned how to talk to others, it is just a natural and basic fact of our human existence. The most successful individuals and corporations of the world realize and recognize this fact and use it to grow rich, some even to grow rich beyond belief.

As a rule also human beings, once they become aware of themselves as individuals, want and thrive to become better at, well almost anything they find themselves doing or interested in, that is another given, human beings in general are competitive and self involved. It may not sound very complimentary but it is the basic ingredients of growth and prosperity. Unfortunately there are roadblocks and stop gaps in the road to growth. This article will show you how to use all of the before mentioned human characteristics, including the road blocks and stop gaps to gain wealth and success by capitalizing on the basic human nature in ...well, all of us.

Advertising firms charge exorbitant amounts of money to insert human nature friendly tactics and marketing plans into a clients Advertisements. This works so well that most successful corporations, businesses and individuals use their services and sing their praises, the price is undeniably worth it. Make no mistake, what they do can and is done by individuals daily for 1/1000th of the cost, you just have to know how. Once you know the secret, and it isn't really even a secret, just a way of thinking, a slight shifting of perspective and thinking. To a natural human nature analyst, thinking outside of the box goes without saying. But the fact that the advertising firms thinking outside the box hits so soundly in the box that consumers use is food for thought and doesn't quite match up with conventional thinking, thus insuring their prosperity and longlivedness (I made that word up but its perfect) basically no one will think along the lines needed to come to the conclusions needed to do it themselves, so they have in effect cornered the market.

The how and why of these tactics are very easy to learn because you already know them instinctively. The hard part comes after you “uncover” them and unlearn the way of thinking that life has led you to use up until this point in your life. Once you understand the basics of human nature Advertising and marketing online become considerably easier. The basics of advertising have and will always be...


1.      Research what people want.
2.      Research what people need.
3.      Find or invent solutions to the needs
4.      Find or research providers for their wants.
5.      Needs have more priority than wants. It is easier to sell a person a thing they need. (medicine, refinancing, insurance, self Improvement items, weight loss etc, the last three fall into both categories.)

That's about the whole advertising thing in a nut shell and should allow you to advertise and market your goods and services, even yourself better online and in the brick and mortar world of business.

I have had phenomenal success using this method and expect more in the future because after all is
said and done we are still the same basic human beings we have always been. And as a starting point to get you on your way as a successful online marketer or affiliate marketer here are two of my more successful affiliate programs that have made me a fair amount of money over the last few years using the “human nature” techniques and philosophies outlined in this article.

This concludes my article and I hope that this readers digest condensed version of “Using basic Human Nature to be a successful online marketer.” And good luck and remember the more you use the philosophy's in this article the easier they become.

D. Harris (I hate Internet Marketing Gurus Blog)